TJune 13th noon til 8:00 pm.  Location is behind CVS on East Main in

Frankfort. 125 Rolling Acres Drive.  Music performed by Crosstithes and Divine

Entervention, also Entertainment by DJ Double.  We will have FREE Food,

FREE clothing, FREE haircuts, chicken strips provided by O'Charleys

of Frankfort, boneless chicken provided by Applebees of Frankfort, Pizza

from Papa Johns and Dominos of Frankfort.  We will be having games,

drawings, prizes, raffles to give boy and girls bikes, computers, FREE car

wash certificates, Also face painting, manicures, 1000 cupcakes,ccome join us for

the fun!!!

TypJoin us for our 2015 Annual End the Cycle Block Partye

your paragraph here.

 Based on the current condition of this Nation and all the dismal projections of economists and psychologists, our hope is to implement End the Cycle programs across the United States within the next few years. With the passing of each day, we lose children, youth and adults to a vicious cycle of drugs, violence, gangs, homelessness and incarceration.
Please End the Cycle now!


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"End the Cycle Block Party"

Helping end the cycle of crime, high-risk behaviors and family incarceration.

"In recent years, no fewer than 17 states   supported by the Department, and led by governors and legislators of both parties   have directed funding away from prison construction and toward evidence-based programs and services, like treatment and supervision, that are designed to reduce recidivism.  In Kentucky, for example, new legislation has reserved prison beds for the most serious offenders and re-focused resources on community supervision and evidence-based alternative programs.  As a result, the state is projected to reduce its prison population by more than 3,000 over the next 10 years   saving more than $400 million...."
"The bottom line is that, while the aggressive enforcement of federal criminal statutes remains necessary, we cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation.  To be effective, federal efforts must also focus on prevention and reentry.  We must never stop being tough on crime.  But we must also be smart and efficient when battling crime and the conditions and the individual choices that breed it."  ~ Eric Holder, US Attorney General (8-15-13) 

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