Mary Catherine Moore, Founder and Director of End the Cycle: 
“I've had many tough experiences and challenges in my own personal life. When I was very young there were ’perpetrators’ who abused me and left me feeling "dirty and guilty", as if I had asked for it. I seemed to always be looking for a way out. I was running…So, I was married at the age of 14. I became a mom when I was barely 15. Our marriage was not bad but very dysfunctional. We both used drugs and I quickly became involved in the sale of large quantities of drugs. I had two children by the time I was 17, but still lived my wild life in front of them - not thinking about the "CYCLE" of dysfunction I was passing on to them.”  
  “Over the years, I nearly destroyed my own life and the lives of my son and daughter. (Now 38 and 36 years old). I can tell you about almost going to prison, being homeless four times, being beaten and raped, but I would rather talk about the day I heard that 'still, small voice' say, "this is what I will use to help those that are like you." I knew for the first time that all the suffering was for the GLORY OF THE LORD! I was 47 years old at the time and didn't have any idea what God wanted me to do, but I knew He would show me.”
“This is how End the Cycle was born. God called me to go to those who are in prison and to their children as well as to those on the streets with nowhere to lay their head at night. You see, I remember sleeping in my car, a 1977 Mustang, outside my work place. It was a restaurant and people would knock on the windows and ask me "What are you doing"? I used to think, “REALLY? Can't you see all my clothes? That I'm sleeping in my car?” I blamed the world and there was no one to really blame but myself. But I cried out to God. I learned that when things are bad, you HAVE to cry out to God and know that you can make it. He IS there and we can come out of the CYCLE on the other side.”
“I live my life now serving the one true, loving God who saved me from a life (or death) of drug addiction or worse. He has shown me how to help others less fortunate and to use my life as a tool to give HOPE to a lost and dying generation. There is nothing you can do that is SO bad that you can't come back to Him! He loves and cares for you.”



Helping end the cycle of crime, high-risk behaviors and family incarceration.

If you're interested in knowing more about End the Cycle, we have qualified, engaging Speakers who would love to come to your community group, ministry event or church service to share with you about the exciting programs End the Cycle offers to the community. Here is an introduction to a few of our Speakers: